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  1. Thanks! I will have a look at the link you have suggested.

    I used to have only 1 blog – called Wanderings. I used it for general reflections on whatever was in my mind – mostly library related – PLUS I posted links of interest to the teachers in my school. Now I have switched to a different blog host and have created 2 blogs to reflect my 2 different purposes.

    My general library blog is:

    This one is the blog for teachers. Home page address is:

    I will definitely add your blog to my blogroll. I really liked this part of your recent post: “For some time now I have been contemplating retirement and wondering what shape it will take. I’m not ready to give up the learning, just the job. Perhaps I will start an ‘on the eve of retirement’ blog.” I am in a similar place. Except I am also not ready to give up the job. I really love it still – and don’t have any kind of picture of me as retired.

    I assume you found this blog via my comment on Doug Johnson’s blog.
    Thanks again for writing.

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